We're constantly changing the beers available in our taproom. Stop by often to taste our artisanal beer, made with the best ingredients and brewed to highlight Georgia.


Field Party

Georgia Beer Company Field Party Blonde Ale

Blonde Ale

ABV 5.0%

This All-American ale is great at the lake, by the beach, or gathered around a fire with friends. It is crisp and refreshing, with a combination of body and flavor to remind you this beer is handmade. A simple yet precise blend of American 2-row, Carapils, flaked maize and Willamette hops result in a smooth, clean finish.

Southern Isles

Georgia Beer Company Southern Isles Tropical IPA

Tropical IPA

ABV 6.5%

This fresh and fruity tropical IPA is dry-hopped with a sunny mix of Citra, Azacca and Lemon Drop hops. A blend of American 2-row, wheat and Munic malts give this beer a medium body that carries the fruity hop-punch all the way to the shorte line. 

Tastes like sunshine and freedom!

Destress Express

Georgia Beer Company Destress Express Coffee Milk Stout

Coffee Milk Stout

ABV 5.6%

"All Aboard!" for a beer packed full of flavor! A healthy mix of base and specialty grain brings a rich and roasty malt character together with the mild bitterness of locally roasted coffee beans. Milk sugar is added to balance the flavor with a creaminess that will make this sweet stout your new favorite dark beer.

Lowcountry - Raspberry Blonde


Blonde Ale
5% ABV

We added a boat-load of delicious raspberries to our easy drinking Field Party blonde ale to make a fresh and fruity version with just enough berry tartness.

Cypress Knee - Single Hop Mosaic


India Pale Ale
5% ABV

"Cypress knees" are the unique roots of the Cypree tree that rise from the swamp. They have  knobby, knee-like appearance at the top. Our single-hopped Mosaic IPA rises from the depths with an intense aroma of fresh pine, mango and citrus. It's so good, it may just bring you to your "knees.

Altamaha Afternoon


English Brown Ale

A bona fide English beer classic, English-style brown ale is easily one of the most iconic beer styles. Toasty, robust and with a bit of chocolate maltiness. Neither flashy nor boring, the English brown is a beer with enough variation to keep devotees ordering them time and time again. 

Ein Prosit



5.2% ABV

Nothing but old-school techniques and ingredients in this German classic. The yeast impart a distinct banana and clove flavor on a simple, yet precision-executed wheat beer. 

Satsuma Belgian


Belgain Wit

4.8% ABV 

We added juice from the satsuma - a cousin to the orange, to this wheat beer then fermented with a Belgian yeast strain. The inaugural batch contained juiced from satsumas grown in Homerville, GA. 

O'Corley's Irish Red

Georgia Beer Company O'Corley's Irish Red Ale

Red Ale

5.3% ABV

We named this beer after the iconic Valdosta establishment known as Charley O'Corley's Irish Bar and Grille. The toasty notes of caramel and toffee are good both on the iconic holiday and year-round. 

Azalea City Amber


Amber Ale

5.2% ABV


Shellman Bluff - Oyster Stout

Georgia Beer Company Shellman Bluff Oyster Stout


9% ABV

We added fresh Gulf oysters - shell and all - into an already extremely dark and heavy grain bill to make a rich, heavy, semi-sweet stout. it is packed full of flavor and aroma and not for the faint-hearted. This beer is named after a small fishing community on the Blackbeard Creek on the Georgia coast. Open up a pint of flavor and look for the pearl!